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Xscapers Take Over Santa Fe

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As you read in Part 1: Xscapers Convergence and Taos Takeover, we attended our first Xscapers Convergence. We went in not knowing what to expect, hoping to learn a few things and possibly meet a new friend or two. We came away from this Xscapers Convergence with brains full of new ideas, phones full of texts with new friends, and tickets to the next convergence. Knowing that we’ll see everybody in a month made leaving day suck a lot less.

The group has considerable knowledge of everything RV and are willing to share it, there is a pay-it-forward attitude, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is also no ego here- if somebody has a question, whether they think it’s silly or not, they can put it out there and others will respond. What was neat was that others would pipe up saying, “I don’t know a lot about that. Can I join in and learn too?”

Convoy to Santa Fe

A group of us decided to travel together down to Santa Fe from Taos. This was the first time we have traveled with other RVers.

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A little pre-trip planning

Santa Fe

We went to Santa Fe a month before and were not very impressed, we even wrote about our experience here. We came back with (a clean slate) ready to explore this city again.

Santa Fe Plaza

One night we took a guided tour of the Santa Fe Plaza. We were in awe of the history as well as the architecture, Most importantly, our tour guide was well informed of the city as well as its history. Because we were not there during the day, we missed all the native vendors at the Palace of the Governors. After learning about this area, we had to go back the next day and see it in action.

santa fe, nm, tourism, tourist, downtown santa fe, palace of the governors santa fe, palace of the governors, tour
The Palace of the Governors after hours


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Exploring the Palace of the Governors

Uncomfortable History

In the center of the Plaza is an obelisk that reads “To the heroes who have fallen in the various battles with _______ Indians in the territory of New Mexico.” The word “savage” was scratched out in 1974 and various words like “courageous” have been written in the chipped-out section.

A plaque was added that reads “monument texts reflect the character of the times in which they are written and the temper of those who wrote them” and that “attitudes change and prejudices hopefully dissolve.”

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The hand-written words have been worn away by weather.

Hidden Oasis

As we were walking the streets surrounding downtown, we kept finding smaller, hidden plazas. Our favorite was Sena Plaza. The foliage was beautifully overgrown and this was like a little piece of heaven in the middle of the city. The restaurant was not open yet and we had the whole place to ourselves. 

sena plaza, nm, new mexico, santa fe, downtown santa fe, tourism, tour, tourist, courtyard, court yard.
A hidden gem in downtown Santa Fe.


Sena plaza bench, santa fe, nm, new mexico, downtown santa fe, downtown, plants, courtyard, court yard, buildings.
such a romantic place to sit on a bench and enjoy the beauty of the plants and surrounding buildings.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

In front of Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi is a stone labyrinth. The little kid in me blocked out anything the tour guide was saying about the labyrinth or the church as I began following the stone path. So, I don’t have much to say about the history of this church.


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church, church picture, santa fe, nm, new mexico, downtown, downtown santa fe, history, christianity, tourism, tour, tourist


church, church picture, santa fe, nm, new mexico, downtown, downtown santa fe, history, christianity, tourism, tour, tourist, Native american, indian, woman, native american woman
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the first member of a North American tribe to be declared a saint.

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is filled with plaques describing the history of the area and the park. The plaques I read were from the view of the settlers, rather than the natives. In the center stands a monument commemorating the Spanish colonists in 1598.

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Meow Wolf

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Looking cool.

Meow Wolf accurately describes their exhibit House of Eternal Return as “combination of a jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit.” I have never been to an interactive art exhibit and didn’t know what to expect.


meow wolf, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico, Entertainment, 3d experience, art,



Maze, child, entertainment, child games, adult games, entertainment, art, santa fe, nm, new mexico, art. exhibit
A life-size version of a bead maze.



dance, art, santa fe, meow wolf, santa fe, nm, new mexico, art, entertainment, exhibit
An impromptu dance party in a rave type room.



ice room, santa fe, nm, new mexico, meow wolf, entertainment, art, exhibit
Chilling in the ice room.

We didn’t follow the story; I didn’t realize there was a story until we were already inside. The gist is that the Selig Family has “disappeared one night after conducting a forbidden experiment in their Victorian mansion.” Everything in the 20,000-square foot exhibit is for you to explore.

The exhibit has hidden passageways and portals to other dimensions. The portals in the fridge, washing machine, etc. were very cool to go through; you couldn’t anticipate what was on the other side. There were even people running around in white lab coats as a part of the story.


ice machine, meow wolf, entertainment, art, exhibit, santa fe, nm, new mexico
Exploring what is on the other side of this ice machine.



meow wolf, santa fe, entertainment, nm, new mexico, art, entertainment
What lies ahead through the fridge?



real life fish tank, fish tank, santa fe, NM, New Mexico, meow wolf, entertainment, art, exhibit.
Inside the fish tank.

Initially, I went for the experience; it seemed like a fun thing to check out. I appreciated that what looks normal on the outside (the house) can be quite different on the inside. This was unlike any other place I have ever been to. I would love to go back and work through the story to solve the mystery.


Lego, friends, art, entertainment, santa fe, nm, New Mexico, art, Meow Wolf, exhibit
Doesn’t everybody play Legos on the floor with their new friends?



santa fe, nm, new mexico, entertainment, art, exhibit, meow wolf,
I’m not sure which one is goofier!



santa fe, nm, new mexico, meow
Exploring with our new friends.

Rodeo de Santa Fe Grounds

We camped at the Rodeo de Santa Fe grounds. Although there were a lot of goat heads poking our feet, we had a great time. Us newbies created a common space between our rigs that housed a fantastic gathering place.


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One of many fires



drone, pets, dog, chasing drone, RV life, RV travel, glamping, Camping, Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico
Click on the picture to see Z’s first encounter with a drone. (Click to view video)

One night the whole group gathered around to watch Paul projected on the side of an RV. This led to a discussion about the movie Hot Fuzz. Some of us hadn’t seen it, so movie night part 2 happened.

movie, hot fuzz, santa fe, nm, new mexico, entertainment, rv life, rv travel, rv glamping, glamping, camping
Hot Fuzz on the side of an RV

Our First Convergence, but Certainly Not our Last

As I have said before, this group of people is amazing, As a result, we have come away from this event with a wide array of new knowledge, amazing memories, and new friends.

Have you been to an Xscapers Convergence?

What is your favorite part about them?

If you haven’t been, what’s holding you back?


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