What Happens in the RV, Stays in the RV

We headed up to Las Vegas for another adventure dry camping. Sin City was full of crazies and did not disappoint.  

Fully recharged from boondocking on Lake Mead, Nevada (Check out the Blog here) and in desperate need of a shower, we moved on to Nellis Air Force Base Fam Camp. We try to stay at a military base when not boondocking to have access to the gym, commissary, PX/BX, etc.

A beautiful afternoon in Vegas.
We sure know how to party in Vegas!

We always check out the outdoor recreation facilities, keeping an eye out for rock walls. Unfortunately, this base didn’t have a rock wall but they did have a new gym which was a nice change. Many of the bases we visited have gyms that resemble a 50’s high school gymnasium.

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Another workout in the books.

It has been too hot to spend much time outside and since we’re not staying at a fancy hotel with a pool, we’re stuck inside. Early morning and early evening have been enjoyable to take Z for a walk or sit outside. Instead of complaining about the heat, I thought I’d take advantage of it. I washed some tennis shoes and Lance cleaned the K&N air filters; all of which are out drying on the picnic table. I even tried my hand at making sun tea. It turned out quite delicious.


We had been seeing fellow RVers promoting their social media on their vehicle so we decided to join the bandwagon. Geez, with the sticker and this blogging thing, we’re really becoming a cliché.

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Working on getting Instafamous

A Full Moon in Las Vegas

We have joked many times that we should sit down and write all the crazy stuff that happens to us but never really do it. After experiencing the effects of a full moon on Vegas locals, we decided that now is the time.

It should be simple enough to go to the optometrist, prescription and insurance card in hand, and order contacts. We had checked ahead that this office accepts our insurance and knew what the annual benefit limit was. We thought this was going to be quick and easy. The lady “helping” us was nuts! She kept talking to herself and would sometimes include us in the conversation. The lady also mentioned, no less than 4 times, that she accidentally lost 9 pounds in the last few months. She then proceeded to tell us how she doesn’t drink or do drugs, this crazy is natural. All the while, her coworker kept flipping her head over to brush her hair upside down. This went on for 20 minutes.

Afterward, we headed back to the RV and Lance decided to make vegan nachos. They tasted yummy, but we didn’t think that making the nachos in the oven will heat up the trailer in addition to the hot weather. We opted to eat the nachos outside in the shade.

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RVing in Vegas

After following the GPS on our phones into Nellis Air Force Base Fam Camp, we found out that the gate the GPS took us to, is closed midday. When we called the Fam Camp to inquire on how to get there, the lady on the phone did not even know what we were talking about, nor that the base has some gates closed due to low traffic during the day. So we used our Garmin GPS (check it out here) from here on out. The dimensions of our rig are in the settings so it will not take us on any routes that we will not fit on. The phones are usually so much easier, but after this, I will be using the Garmin much more.

Knowing that we were going to dry camp in the overflow parking area, we decided to pull into the dump station and dump. We also filled up the water in the fresh tank to use for the week we were there.

Awkward Dumping Experience 

Out of nowhere this old man came on a golf cart, driving it like a character from Mario Kart, and came to a screeching halt right by us and I quote: “You not fillen the tank with dis water, are ya?” I looked at him and told him no, I can read the two signs that state that this is not potable water. I guess he didn’t like that the “youngen” knows what he’s doing, so the old man sped away back into his Mario Kart game.  

Ok now checking into the camp was easy. They have a streamlined check-in process and it was fast. We were escorted to our “overflow” site, while everyone is asking us if we are sure about staying at the overflow site. Kate and I confirmed that we’re ok with the overflow site, about 3 times in less than 20 min.

Rough Beginnings

Since Lance is nocturnal, he noticed that during all hours of the night and especially around quiet hours, there was a person who comes extremely close to the RV and drove the golf cart to the back of the rig and all around it while shining the light on the generator. He decided to keep an eye on this behavior and confront it next time it happened.

The next day, the weather was great in the afternoon so we decided to sit outside, and Z was laying next to us. One of the people who work in the office zoomed by with a golf cart. He made sure to check our generator status without acknowledging that we were even there.

The second time that same guy came around, I was by the generator filling up the fuel. Z was peeing on the bushes about two feet away. The guy, stopped, got out of his golf cart, pumped his chest and screamed at me that the dog needs to be on a leach.

Z didn’t even bother stopping his peeing. Z even kept going, looking back at me with the look that can only be described as, “Dad, what’s this guy barking about?.” I gave the golf cart guy a thumbs up and he rode off.

Not even 200 feet away, the same guy who just screamed to me about the dog, stopped to talk to a couple who were walking their dog, without a leash. The unleashed dog was even jumping all over the golf cart while the guy was talking.


Solution Time

I decided the next day to stop by the office and address the issues with the golf cart guy with the Fam Camp manager. I am glad I did.

The Fam Camp manager, Chris, was awesome. He listened to what happened and sprung into action to get the situation under control. The next day there were no more visitors to our generator area, no more yelling across the street and everything was great.

I have to admit though, Vegas was hot! Temperatures were hitting the 100’s and the dry camping situation was not working out anymore. We needed full hook up for the A/C to continuously run and to relax the generator a bit.

Nellis Air Force Base Fam Camp has some amazing shaded spots. Our trailer was cool under the shade even at a 100º which allowed us to enjoy the city even more.

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No wonder what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Good place to keep the crazies! Your posts never disappoint ~ they are not only informative, but definitely humorous! Would have served the golf cart guy right if Z had pee’d on him instead!!


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