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What Qualifies a State Sticker on an RV Map?

In talking with other RVers I have realized that criteria for adding a state to their RV map sticker are a hot topic of debate. We hadn’t been full-time long before realized we needed to jump on this sticker map bandwagon. I mean, how else are you going to show the world that you’re a legitimate RVer?

The RV map stickers are intended to be put on your motorhome, fifth wheel, camper or travel trailer to document your journeys. Of course, where to put it and what rules must be abided by are completely up to you.


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Our travel states map.

Where to Get It

The easiest place to get an RV map sticker on Amazon. There are many versions of the map. If you’re traveling to the great white north, a Canadian version is available too. We choose the one that has the state flags, but there are many versions of these maps: 

Make sure that you’re getting a sticker and not a vinyl cling so it doesn’t go flying off down the road when you’re traveling. Or if you love Amazon deliveries regularly, go for the vinyl cling. Who am I to tell you what to do?

Where to Put It

We chose to put our RV map near our door. I love that it serves as a reminder of where we have been and where we plan to go. Others choose to put it on their slide or on the inside of a compartment door.

We opted against the slide out so that the sticker wouldn’t get damaged by the constant in and out of the slide. I have heard that the slide hasn’t damaged the sticker of other RVers but we didn’t want to risk it.

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Our map is a great discussion starter.

Who Gets to Put the Sticker On?

Lance and I have decided that we will take turns. One state Lance gets to put up and the next Kate gets to put up. The other person becomes the photographer and baby wipe assistant.

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The first sticker on the map. Lance is a little excited can’t you tell?
CO, Colorado, State sticker map, State travel, USA travel, Travel USA, RV life, RV travel, State sticker map, State map
Colorado was Kate’s turn.

How to Apply Stickers

First, we clean the area with baby wipes, rubbing alcohol works well too, and let it dry completely. Then, to lay down the outline, we slowly rolled the map out, using a credit card wrapped in a washcloth to smooth out air bubbles. The washcloth saves the sticker from being ripped or scratched by the credit card.

What are the Rules for Adding a State?

This is where everyone seems to differ on opinions, but can make for a fun conversation. Since our sticker is near our door, it sparks a lot of conversation with new neighbors. Our rule is simple: If we take the RV in the state, it counts. Kate + Lance + RV = sticker  

Some fun rules I have come across:

  • Must spend one week in the state
  • Must visit a major attraction
  • Completed a CrossFit workout
  • Eaten a famous local food

Later into the evening, more raunchy rules are exposed. I’ll just leave that one alone.

Can’t Commit?

Are you a commitment-phobe and the thought of a sticker on your RV gives you the willies? Or are you so excited about your travels that you don’t want to contain them to just one sticker? There is an Online Option available just for you.

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Now you can share your map with everybody!

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If you have an RV map sticker, what rules must you abide by? Let us know in the comments below.


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17 comments on “What Qualifies a State Sticker on an RV Map?

Bren & Don

We have a framed scratch off map of the United States. Our Rule is we have to spend at least one night in that state in order to scratch off the state on the map!


We have been thinking about switching to the scratch off map. Where did you get yours?


We are soon to be full timers. Hope this isn’t a silly question. What’s the rule for when you get a new RV? Does the map travel to the new rig or do you start all over.



There’s never a silly question, you know we discussed that and we came up with two ways we would handle it:
Lance’s way: Move the same states to the new trailer and carry on.
Kate’s way: Re-visit the states before posting then up again.

I would prefer my way, move them to the next rig, some states I don’t care to re-visit Haha!!

What would you do?

Lonnie Penney

Must stay 2 nights consecutively at the same location, or 1 night + a major attraction or 1 night and spend over 100 dollars, or make 3 separate, 1 night stays, and rest areas count if the stop is greater than 6 hours.


We like the $100 rule, we always try to support local businesses in the areas we are at.


We drew our map on a metal sign we got from Michaels crafts. It hangs in our small camper. Our sticker map hangs in our full time (soon to be sold) big camper.

We love to see the route we took, as it was 33,000 miles of adventure in 7 months.


Our rules, you must visit an attraction (National Parks are a favorite) or partake in an experience. I put the vinyl outline in the front window of our trailer facing the inside. When I am on the couch I can daydream of our text trip. 31 states visited!


I have a magnetic Map Puzzle. I want to stick it to my door when we stop, and just store it inside the camper when we’re driving. It will be a fun geography lesson for my 6yo too!

My goal is to also get one magnet or hanging tree ornament to remind us of every major stop we make along our journeys (museums, landmarks, etc….quick pit stops won’t count).


We never thought about the magnetic map, that’s a great idea.

Cindy Lotzer

I put my outline on the glass in a picture frame. Then mounted it inside the motorhome. We add the states to the map as we go.


That’s an awesome idea, would you happen to have pictures of it?

Christina Lynn Calhoun

With my mom and dad the rules was 1. must stay 1-2 nights 2. must see something historical in that state (ie…. AZ–Grand Canyon) now for Tennessee my mom was born in Tennessee yes we took our pop up camper historical fact Reelfoot Lake is a historical place created by an earthquake of 1811-1812. We stayed in Tennessee where my mom was born 1-2 weeks plus we visited Reelfoot Lake, plus we visited Shiloh National Park (civil war battle grounds)
Over the years we traveled we had fun seen exciting places learned about history along the way


We’re new RV’ers and took our 2 kittens with us. I have an adheasive map from Hobby Lobby that I copied before we left. I take each state we travel through and stick it on the copy. Our kitties are up to 35 states and 3 Canadian Provence’s.


Ohh nice, how old are your kittens?


We have to sleep at least one night in the state to put the sticker on the map. 😁


I think considering you have to blow up your mattress every time, I think you should alter that to: “We have to blow up the mattress and open the slide in that state, to count it” Haha!! Sorry, I had to, We miss you guys.


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