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I get people asking me often, “What does RV living with a well-trained dog look like?” I tell them it is the same way as living with your dog in a house or an apartment, but it is way cooler. Living in an RV allows you the opportunity to move around this vast country and enjoy it without extra costs. your home comes with you on the trip.

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Best travel companion on our RV trips

I know Zalam (Z), loves going to new places with us when we travel; he explores all the new places with enthusiasm every time I open the truck door for him to get out after driving. He’s excited and ready to sniff (and pee) on everything. Haha!!


When we traveled from Washington state to Texas, Z was an awesome companion. Some of the things he does are all based on me training him.


Some of those actions are:

  • Z does not get out of the tuck even if you leave the door open; he’ll wait for the command to get out
  • Zalam lays down in the back seat when I am looking back to couple the 5th wheel  
  • Z stays next to my right foot with or without a leash
  • Z always waits for my signal before he goes to play with other dogs
  • Zalam waits for my signal before entering or exiting the 5th wheel
  • Z promptly sits down when I am in the process of putting the leash on/off him

Dogs are naturally curious animals, who tend to dart off after something shiny, this is how you spend hours looking for them in an unfamiliar area.

Don’t get me wrong, Z gets plenty of chances to explore the area around us. He also knows that when I call him he needs to come in. That skill has been extremely useful when the other dog in the RV dog park or any other area is more aggressive.

People blame their aggressive dog behavior on the dog being cooped inside a small box all day. Let me ask you this:

If you don’t have time to spend with training your dog on how to behave, nor are you interested in teaching them any skills, then why even have them?? I think training dogs while living in an RV is essential to being able to enjoy the journey.


So as I promised you guys, I will share a story from the road, but this one involves Z.

Z was a rescue from a shelter in Washington state, and if I have to guess, he was born in Washington State, he loves the cold weather; he even loves to play in the snow. If you want to learn more about Z check out this blog.

dog, snow, playing
Z loves to lay and roll in the snow

So when we moved across the U.S. to Texas, I can tell that Z was confused by this whole warmer weather thing.

Z had a hard time getting his business done (poop and pee) when we first moved here. He would look at me like I just stole his soul away by bringing him to this heat.  It took Z about 3 days to get comfortable with pooping in the heat. I thought we needed to make an emergency vet trip soon! Thank God we did not have to!

Dog, Z, Pet
My Dog

That same night Z and I went on a walk in the Sunrise RV Park where we stayed in Deming, NM, and that’s when he got introduced to cactuses, he came into an area that he thought was a good place to poop, proceeded to squat, and, well he got to sit on a small cactus! I have never seen him leap forward as high as he did that day! He ran to me while looking back at the area where he was very confused as to why I was laughing.

Z, cool guy, RV
My favorite picture of Z and I on one of our first RV trips

I had to inspect his bottom and ensure that no needles have been left in there. The cactus incident had set us on a 3 day of no pooping again. That has passed too and Z knows to stay away from cacti now.

Z, Dog , RV travel
DAD, Did you see the squirrel?

Keep in tuned for more stories about Z travels, he sure provides a lot of material to future blogs. To read more about Z working as Lance’s service dog, click here. Haha!!


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