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Washington We’re Taking Our RV and Leaving You Alone

I know this is a throwback kind of a blog;

Most of our blogs are from recent experiences. However, I wanted to talk about this experience that dates back to early 2018, when we decided to start our RV trip to Texas and break up with Washington State. We figuratively broke up with Washington State, don’t get any sad ideas here, this is a fun blog. 

Fist date, Lake, Date, Stanwood, WA, Washington State,
Our first date on the Lake, Look at those smiles.

See, in the beginning, we were not thinking about becoming full-timers in the RV lifestyle. We just wanted to do a trip here and there and maybe a few long trips. Soon, we found out that we love this life and want to live it all the time.

first picture, outside, F-250, 5th wheel, RV life, RV travel, RV couple
The start of the RV journey, Man my beard was sooo TINY. Haha!

In the beginning,

I was living fulltime in my 5th wheel. I have lived in a renovated bus before. Then in a motorhome, where I was disappointed in the amount of maintenance that needed to be done, and the loss of space when not operating the motorhome. So, I sold the motorhome and bought the 5th wheel.


5th wheel, Snow, Washington state, Stanwood, WA,
Washington Snow, The 5th wheel handles the snow AMAZINGLY

Well, Kate was not into this lifestyle at all, I mean at all. See, Kate loves her walk-in closets, big bathrooms, a house that you don’t have to set up every time you travel; she likes to be comfy.

While, this guy, is all about the hippie, unplugged lifestyle. I have renovated a bus before, I even renovated the 5th wheel we were in, so I am ok with living on the road without hookup. Or going to live on the top of a mountain for the amazing view out the RV door.

deer, animal, nature, hunting, lot, Washington state, Stanwood
Nature always visited my Rig, Even Z made some friends

As you can see we were both extremely different.

When we took this trip, we actually sat down and discussed each of our expectations. Our expectations were on the opposite ends of the spectrum but we figured, “Hey, it’s only a month long trip to Texas.” We wanted to enjoy the drive as much as we could and when we get to Texas, Kate will get an apartment and I will stay in the 5th wheel.


We had to call my buddy who owns a towing company, North County Towing, to get the 5h wheel out of the spot it was in. I scored this amazing spot on the lake in Stanwood, Washington. I mean beautiful views and amazing neighbors. The downfall was that the property was not developed, so the roads out of it were all muddy and I didn’t want to risk pulling the trailer in all the mud and getting stuck with it. Then having to call a tow truck to tow both the rigs out and cost me double.

F-250, Ford, Snow, Truck
The snow was a frequent thing where I was in WA, I loved it.

Well, we left Washington and started our journey. Who knew that we will grow to love this lifestyle and decide to do it for a longer period of time?


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You guys are on an adventure of a lifetime. I’m happy for you that it’s turned out this way. Hoping our paths cross again and we have a chance to hear all about it. In the meantime, I’ll be following along here. Tell Z we miss him! And we Miss You Guys too!!


We will make it cross for sure, we miss you guys.

Heidi north county towing

Hahahahaha have fun you two! Don’t forget to visit we have plenty of space to park and a fire pit to tell stories around ❤️


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