DIY Project, RV Water Pump


Since purchasing our rig in 2016, I never used the water pump. I was mostly plugged into city water and, if we ever did dry camp, it was for a few hours in a Walmart parking lot. So, the water pump was never been on my mind to consistently inspect after the purchase. That was until we decided to do a dry camp practice run in Sunrise RV Park to ensure everything was working before we hit the road to dry camp more frequently. That’s when we found out that the pump is loud as hell! Since it is located under the toilet, using the toilet and the pump at the same time led to some interesting sensations.

That’s when I decided to inspect the water pump after finding out that it was the original pump. So, we decided it is time for a DIY Project and a new water pump.

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This was the old water pump, Can you tell?

I also decided to switch the connections a bit and make the new pump even quieter by adding flexible rubber hoses from the pump into the PVC tubing of the RV itself. The plastic hoses did not allow much movement of the pump when working, which caused more vibrations than needed. The water pump screws in the RV itself were stripping wider holes and almost getting loose.

RV, RV life, RV living, RV DIY, RV projects, project, RV Renovations
Some water will leak during the process

Like any RV project, we estimated about two hours of work and the project would be concluded. Well, I was wrong. Two days later and multiple trips to a small local hardware store (that had limited supply), it was complete. Trust me, installing this pump made me think outside the box many times in the process

I decided to go with the AQUA Pro 12V water pump. After reading countless reviews of several pumps, I settled on this one because of the value and the great reviews I found.


Taking the Old Water Pump Out

Man, the water pump connections were tight. It did not help that I was working in a tiny space with limited range of motion and in a very awkward and bendy position.


I never thought I can sweat in 40° weather but it’s possible; I was sweating buckets of water on this project. After loosening all the connections and being able to get the water pump out, I realized the manufacturing date was 1998. So that water pump was due for an upgrade, about 10 years ago. I am surprised it lasted as long as it did and didn’t give out earlier.


Finding the New Pump Connections

Since the pump was very, very loud when working, I went into diagnostics mode and started figuring out how to make it quieter. I researched online, I tried a few ideas (not many were helpful) until I decided to switch the rigid PVC pipes to and from the water pump to flexible tubing. I also added a thick mouse pad, yep the one from my desktop, under the pump to lessen the vibration.


Those two improvements have drastically altered the sound of the pump and made it easier to use the water pump when dry camping.

RV renovations, RV project, Project, EV, RV life, RV living, RV DIY
Step one into the New pump install.


Installing the New Water Pump

This was a tricky job. I didn’t realize how much the screws have stripped the flooring of the RV. I had to seal those holes and then work on finding a better position for the new pump. The new pump needed to be further away from the original area of the water pump due to the upgraded connections.

RV water pump, RV project, Project, RV living, RV life, RV DIY.
Awesome, New RV Water Pump

Connecting the electrical wires was probably the easiest part of the project. You match the wire colors and BAM, you have power. I wish the rest of the project was that easy Haha!!


Happy Spouse Happy House


Before these adjustments, Kate used to get woken up with the water pump when I use it in the morning, but now she sleeps through it soundly and I don’t have a grumpy wife.

Overall, this project was a fun one.  I enjoyed adding the new RV water pump. I also enjoy working on my RV so that I can learn and be able to pinpoint any faults and fix them.

What projects have you done recently on your home on wheels? What is your favorite upgrade to your rig? And why is it your favorite upgrade?


Project Costs:

Water pump: $55.93  Click here

Flexible hose: $10 your local hardware store

Mousepad: $1 from the Dollar Store (You can even get two if they have thin ones)