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Derailed by Wind

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We took the scenic route from Moab, Utah to Taos, New Mexico. I really wanted to see the Four Corners and Shiprock, New Mexico. The wind made this a multi-day trip, not leaving us time to explore those sites. I guess we’ll have to come back through.

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Cortez, Colorado

Through Passport America we found La Mesa RV Park. They had a clean bathhouse where I took a long, hot shower. The pressure was fantastic and the hot water was endless. I truly believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is a lengthy shower after boondocking.

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New state, new sticker

We got a full hookup site to clean all the Moab dust out as best we could. But, there will be red dust in the RV forever. This also gave us a chance to catch up on laundry before the next leg of our trip. Does anybody else find themselves venturing outside in attire they never would have at their sticks and bricks house?

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This look has been deemed “RV Black Tie”

After cleaning the RV, finishing laundry, showering, and getting groceries, we decided we should go on a date. We make it a point to do this regularly and new towns every week make it even more fun. Phones are away (except for the occasional picture), no talk of travel or blogs, just conversation between us.

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Date night with my love!

Durango, Colorado

The wind and snow made the travel day from Cortez a short one, traveling only 46 miles.

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After stopping in Durango for lunch we decided to find a park for the night. We found Alpen Rose RV Park and made a reservation. The park was muddy, but for one night it was tolerable. Their rules, though, were quite entertaining. See below.

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If you must have all these rules, might as well have fun with them.

In the morning a wind storm came through and tree limbs were falling on the roof. We didn’t sustain any damage, but it freaked me out nonetheless.

Bye Colorado, CO, Colorado, Colorful Colorado, Durango, Alpen Rose RV park, leaving CO, drive, RV life, RV travel, RV living fulltime, mountains
Bye Colorado.

Chama, New Mexico

Our next planned stop was in Chama, New Mexico. This time, using the HighwayWeather app, we knew we could make it to Chama, NM before the winds really picked up.

Twin Rivers RV Park and Campground

We stayed at Twin Rivers RV Park and Campground. Luckily, they were empty and we could camp in the middle of the park, away from any trees. Because of the wind, we kept the slide out in.

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It gets real cozy with the slide in. Lance is drowning his sorrows in Oreos and milk.

Small Town, USA

We love staying in small towns. The people are generally friendlier, down to earth, and often we have great conversations. We asked about finding a diesel mechanic in town and the owner of the RV park gave great a recommendation for a guy in town. Unfortunately, he was closed the day we were there, but we appreciated the honest reference.

The flip side to that is when we walk into a café, specifically at breakfast time, we’re met with looks that say, “Y’all ain’t from around here.” We always get a kick out of it.

The Best Laid Plans Often Go Awry

Before travel days, we look at the weather (especially wind), elevation on our anticipated route, the curviness of the route, and distance. Unfortunately, the trip from Chama to Taos looked better on paper. Which route looks better?

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Route 1
Chama NM, New Mexico, NM, Colorado, CO, Colorful colorado, route 2, rv travel, rv life, rv fulltime, rv living, rv trip plaaning, rv route planning, nomad life, nomad
Route 2

We chose Route 2. It looked like less steep up and downs and it was comparable to Route 1 timewise. We did hit a new altitude record of 10,230 at La Manga Pass Summit.

La Manga Pass, La manga summit, La Manga, RV life, RV trip, RV travel, RV on the road, road trip, road life, nomad life, nomad, Colorado, CO, Colorful corado
Well, this is a new elevation record for us.

However, the drive down into Antonito, Colorado was steeper than expected. We began to smell brakes and that is never good. Luckily there was a turn off where we could spend an hour letting the brakes cool down.

Cebolla Rolling Hills, CO, Colorado, colorful colorado, nature, road trip, life on the road, rv life, rv travel, rv trip, full time rv, road life, nomad life, nomad, farm land, ranch
Isn’t this a beautiful drive?


dog, Sasquatch, CO, Colorado, colorful colorado, unplanned stop, rv life, rv living, rv travel, rv driving, nomad, nomad life, road trip
Z looking for Sasquatch, making the best of our unplanned stop.

Taos, New Mexico

Finally, we made it safely to our first Xscapers convergence where we got to explore Taos (click here) and Santa Fe (click here) with a bunch of other crazy RVers.

NM, New mexico, rv travel, rv life, rv living, rv travel, Welcome to New Mexico, Welcome Sign, State sign, state boarders,
Guess who’s back? Back again?

I couldn’t find any fill stations and had to sweet-talk one of the RV parks into letting us fill our fresh tank. However, the park was on the other side of town from where we’re staying. On the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend, Lance was less than thrilled with the executive decision I had made.

I did find a dump station at the Speedway gas station to use on the way out. It was not on any of the apps we use, so if you’re in Taos and need a dump spot, check them out.

When have your best-laid plans gone awry due to weather or another force out of your control? Let us know in the comments below.

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