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Dry Camping at Lake Mead, Nevada

Government Wash Road

After a few weeks in densely populated cities and hitting large tourist attractions, we both needed a couple of days to unwind, reconnect, and relax. So why not go to Vegas? Seemed logical to us! We stayed out on Government Wash road in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This campsite is on the Northwest side of Lake Mead and about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. There were dumpsters near the entrance and pit toilets available as well. Our Verizon cell service was great.

Lake mead, Nevada, Driving, Rv, Dry Camping.
The drive into Government Wash Road.


After making a few phone calls to identify places that we can fill up our water and dump our sewer, we confirmed that National Parks allow you to do it for free. We chose to use Las Vegas Bay Campground, inside Lake Mead National Recreation Area before heading out to our spot. We visited with other fellow RVers while waiting. One RVer had been staying out on Government Wash for a few weeks, and another recommended nearby Callville Bay.

We got out to our site fairly easily. There were many places to choose from and although there were a lot of RVs already there, nobody was too close to a neighbor and everybody had a great view of the lake and mountains. Our site was not very level and the gravel was loosely packed so it was a bit tricky to get set up and then again when it was time to pull out. There was always a slight breeze which kept us cool so we didn’t need to use air conditioning.

Fellow Campers

As always with RVing, the neighbors can be quite interesting. This place was no different. I have always joked about us being trailer trash; but with neighbors fighting about NASCAR and a dog asleep under the trailer, we most definitely were trailer trash. As I sat outside, unable to block out the NASCAR bickering, I began to enjoy the show. They were both arguing the same point but failing to listen to the other. During commercial breaks, they chose to blast Queen and discuss how if time travel was real, they would see Queen in concert. Luckily for me, it was like I was at a Queen concert with the level of volume they were playing the greatest hits. I think Queen is fantastic so it was a pretty good show for me too!

Nascar, Queen, time travel, Rv
The NASCAR/QUEEN time travelers

Spring in the Desert

I have never spent time in the southwest in the spring so I was very excited when I began to see cacti blooming. During our travels, I have marveled at the valleys of California poppies and the lush green hills but had yet to see bright flowering cacti. These beautiful fuchsia flowers are so dramatic against the sandy desert.

Cactus, Cacti, Blooming, Spring, Desert
Cacti blooming

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