11 RV Products We Cannot Live Without

 Why 11? Because anybody can make a post with 10 products. I am sure you have seen many posts like this and many of them might even have the same products. We have chosen these 11 products because we use them every single time we travel. 

We even added pictures of our products in this post to show you we do use them, we promise you.

Logic Blue Technology’s LevelMatePRO

This is hands down, the best investment we have made for the RV. Not only did it save our relationship (multiple times) it saved us in parking situations where we can’t level the trailer, we mentioned a story in our Santa Fe blog. When Lance first suggested the LevelmatePRO, I, Kate, was against it due to the cost.

I was thinking, “Why should we spend $140 when we already have the bubble levels?” Oh, how naive I was! After a few trips attempting to level the trailer with a bubble level, it became very obvious that this product might save us some time, energy, and give us more enjoyment at the locations we are visiting. Who wants to start every camping trip pissed off? Not us!

The LevelmatePRO consists of 2 parts:

The first part is the device that mounts inside the front portion of the RV. It is easy to install, only requiring 2 screws. After you complete the RV leveling, it will save the setting for future use. It a has battery in it and turns itself off after it hasn’t been used for a predetermined time you choose in the app settings. This is the brains of the operation.

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The second part is an app you install on your phone or tablet. We use it on our iPhones and iPad. Multiple devices can use the app at the same time which is a really nice feature.

Rv life, nomad life, LevelMate Pro.
The App shows you where adjustment needs to be made.

When we get to a location we first make sure it is linked to the device inside the RV. If we have been driving for a few hours, the device has turned off, and one of us hops in the trailer to wake it up by tapping on it. 80% of the time we are able to level the trailer without leaving the truck, or at least know exactly what we need to do to level it using blocks. For example, if we are 3 inches higher on the passenger side, we will create a riser with 3 Camco Heavy Duty Leveling blocks, staggered so they won’t slide, on the driver’s side.


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We stagger the blocks on to create a platform under the tires.

The app also allows us to level the RV front to back. When the trailer is detached from the truck, the app tells me how much I need to raise or lower the trailer to make it level. We keep the app open while we are putting down the rear landing legs and setting up the tripod to make sure it remains level.

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This is showing that we need to raise the front 1 inch.

Another benefit of this app is that it saves & recalls last hitch setting, so when you go to hook the truck up there is no guessing about where the hitch needs to be. This feature eliminates the guesswork in the location of the kingpin to the location of the truck hitch. You just have to remember to hit the “Save Hitch Position” button before leveling the trailer. We may have forgotten this a time or two.


The app also displays the battery level of the inside device as well as the temperature inside the trailer. During the initial set up you will input the dimensions of the trailer, set the timer for auto shut off, and choose your units of measurement (inches or centimeters).

LevelMate Pro, RV life, RV leveling, RV on the road, nomad life.
Entering the information of the vehicle you’re leveling

Camco Heavy Duty Leveling Blocks

These blocks fit together like Legos. The big ones and small ones are interchangeable; you can use them together or separately.  Lance does not like the landing legs to extend too much, so we combine the big ones and small ones to create a platform in the front and back of the trailer for the legs to rest on. Many RV parks do not allow you to place your landing legs directly on their pavement and require a pad and these are perfect.

Leveling blocks, RV life, RV. Travel Trailer, Motorhome. Travel trailer life, motorhome life. camco leveling blocks, yellow blocks
The blocks are stacked to create a solid support for the landing legs.

We also use these leveling blocks to level the trailer side to side when we are using the LevelMatePRO. We have found that each one of these blocks will lift the trailer one inch wherever they are placed. For example, if you need to lift the trailer 2 inches, two blocks stacked on each other will do the trick.  

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Two rows of blocks are stacked creating a 2-inch lift.
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Raising the RV to level it

They are very sturdy; we bought our first set 2 years ago and are still using that same set, These blocks are durable, we have stayed in many gravel parks and they still stack on top of each other even after all the rocks digging into the bottom. They come with a screw that holds the stack together and offers a handle for easy carry. We use them in conjunction with Camco Wheel Chocks.

They can also be used as support for the stairs. We have the stair support from Amazon but find these to be easier to use and assemble to the right height.


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Heck, they go with the whole theme, don’t you think?

Camco Wheel Chocks

We bought 2 sets, 2 years ago, and we recently had to purchase another set because somebody (Kate) didn’t properly store it in the back of the truck during travel and it flew out. We have camped in multiple spots, especially state and national parks, where the sites are not level so we rely on these heavily to make sure the trailer stays in place and doesn’t roll away on its own.

All you need is one set (a pair) on each side to ensure the trailer is safely in place. One of the things we like about them is that they are textured so they get a good grip on the tire as well as on the ground. There are other products out there that are smooth on both sides, which do not keep your trailer in place. They slide, allowing for the tires to roll a bit forward.


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We choose to have two sets so that there is one in front and in back of the wheel creating more stability.

Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock


Cable Luggage Lock

These chocks anchor opposing wheels of tandem axles and eliminate the rocking of the trailer back and forth when moving inside of it. They are adjustable and come in different sizes so make sure you pick the right one for your trailer.  We use these in conjunction with the kingpin lock to make sure our trailer is right where we left it when we get back from our adventures. The hole for the lock is smaller than a standard padlock so we use luggage locks.


trailer stabilizer, trailer life, Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock, 5th wheel, travel trailer, motorhome, 5th wheel stabilizing, motorhome stabilizing,
Lance installing the Super Grip Chock.
rv life, rv, motorhome,Ultra-Fab Products Super Grip Chock, travel trailer, nomad life, nomad life. travel security, travel trailer security, travel security, wheel security
The grip chock installed and locked.

CURT Fifth Wheel Lock 

We mostly use this product when we are boondocking. The only downside we have found is that we can’t use it when using the tripod. This one is specifically for fifth wheels; however, CURT makes multiple locks for different hitches.

Kingpin lock, CURT lock, 5th wheel security. rv life, rv, nomad life.
This simple device keeps your trailer from leaving on another truck!

Ultra-Fab Kingpin Tripod Fifth Wheel Stabilizer

We use this quite frequently to take some of the weight off the front portion of the fifth wheel and to stabilize it. The tripod eliminates the front to back motion, it is very easy to use and very adjustable depending on the height of your trailer. One of the reasons we like this tripod is the wide base footpads which prevent it from sinking and tilting or even shifting in some cases on concrete pads. We have used it on gravel, sand, concrete, and any other surface imaginable and it stayed as solid as the day we first set it up.

5th wheel tripod, rv life, rv, nomad life, nomad., RV stabilization
The tripod in place to minimize movement and swaying.

Between the tripod and wheel stabilizers, we have eliminated front-to-back as well as the side-to-side movement making our long stays boondocking a lot more enjoyable without the rocking. It has kept both of us happy. Since Kate loves to sleep in and Lance insists on rising with the sun, he can get up and move around without waking her up.

Camco Heated Drinking Water Hose

We use this item heavily when we are traveling up north in the winter. When visiting Montana we got snowed in, yet we still had water inside our trailer for the entire month.

We highly recommend this hose to anybody who lives or plans to travel during the winter.

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We put our hose away so this is a stock picture for you, spicing things up a bit Haha!!

Water Filters

We use 2 different filters depending on how long we are staying in a spot.

We use the small filter when we are filling up our freshwater tank before going boondocking.

It attaches directly to the hose and it will purify the water as it goes into the trailer. Keep in mind that we have another filter inside our trailer that we installed under our kitchen sink: Nahla Pure Ultra High Capacity water filter to purify the water from our fresh tank again before we drink it. It might seem a little overkill but many states have terrible drinking water. We also use this product if we are staying in a park for a short period of time. This item does not have a replacement filter. When it’s time to replace the filter, you replace the entire item.

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This device fits in line with the hose directly from the source into your trailer
We use the big filter when we are staying in a place for a long period of time and connected to the park water.

Due to its high capacity, we don’t have to change it as frequently as the small one. Most of the time when we are using city water, we are very generous in our water usage. Keep in mind that installing either one of those filters only purifies the water coming into your trailer.

Fresh Water Tank Filtration: 

Using the Nahla Pure Ultra High Capacity Water Filter purifies the water directly coming out of your kitchen sink. We replace the large filter at least once every 2 months depending on the water quality of the RV park that we’re hooked into. 

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The high capacity filter and stand.

Progressive industries 30XL surge protector with cover


Progressive Industries 50XL surge protector with cover

We added both the 30 amp and 50 amp above. Make sure you know which one your RV uses. We cannot suggest these enough and tell everybody about them! Ours saved our trailer twice in two different states.

The company backed its product 100% and expedited the same surge protector to us at no cost. In both instances, the pedestals got an influx of electricity, causing the surge protector to burn.

The reason why I recommend this Product: 

After calling the company and explaining to them what happened, they asked us to send them pictures. They then sent us a new product at no cost since the damage was the fault of the park. So, needless to say, this $100 has paid for itself. We prefer the surge protectors with the cover to prevent any water damage. 

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Since getting the Predator and the Westinghouse generators, our neighbors don’t hate us (refer to boondocking blog). When we first started our boondocking we needed a generator to power our rig.

Due to the low cost, we decided to purchase the Champion generator.

After staying in a couple of state parks during offseason, we decided to keep that generator. However, when we went to Lake Holloman (check out the blog here) we had to stay close to other rigs.

We decided out of common courtesy to put that generator for sale and purchase the Predator 3500 Inverter Generator.

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On that trip, the Predator did an amazing job. However, considering that we have a 30 amp trailer. We would not be able to utilize the AC in the upcoming summer months.

Rigid Pro Pack

A dog that is part German Shepherd, Z. This has been a great investment. When we first started our RVing journey we used a Shark Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum. However, it took us 40 minutes to vacuum the trailer; half of that time we spent emptying and clearing out the small canister. After doing that for a few times we decided to sell it. Lance came up with the idea of looking for a shop vac, and we found the Rigid Pro Pack to satisfy all our needs. This was a fantastic idea.

Shop vac, RV shop vac, rv life, travel trailer life, motorhome life, traveling with a dog, dog, rv, nomad life
Our favorite appliance!

Now it takes us 10 minutes to vacuum the ENTIRE trailer, even after boondocking when there is dirt EVERYWHERE. It took some training, but Z will stand still while we vacuum him when he’s shedding. Why not directly address the source of hair in the trailer?

The second source is Lance’s beard. So far he’s resisting the training but we’ll keep you posted on the progress.

These are the products we cannot RV without. Do you use these items? If not, what is your can’t-live-without product for your RV travel? Leave a comment below, let us know.

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Lil & Larry

Wow, love that LevelMatePro leveling system! We’ve tried the bubble level which worked at first until they decided to come unglued. Haven’t heard about this one. But it sure sounds like a headache saver! Wise investment.


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